Midnightsun Experience 4-7 July 2019
Here you will find all information about Midnight Sun Experience 2019



«The Wolds Most Beautiful Kayak Adventure»
Would you like to experience paddling, new heights, waves, new and exciting paddling areas every day, wild nature, midnight sun, summit, community and the self-evident and inclusive bonfire?

In the last 10 years we have had regular camps in various places. The camp has hosted Senja, Sommerøy, Vannøya and Kvaløyvågen.

When we had hits in Trondjord in 2017, and we had just under 100 participants, we were Northern Norway’s largest paddle match. The hit was a success.
What is the challenge now is to find new places that have the capacity to take away participants of that size.

In 2008 when the MSE was on the idea plane, it was basically a dream to move the hit to new space every year to create new experiences. There has been no new space every year, but the hits have by no means been boring for that reason.

For 10 years we have arranged and had MSE with lots of paddling, boating and socializing with like-minded people. We greatly appreciate everyone who has participated and who has helped to make the MSE the great event it has become.

MSE formed a new board in the anniversary year 2018. The board works together to get an adventurous paddle weekend for us and you.

What we all agreed on the board was: The time has come to make changes on several levels;
– Northern Norway’s most beautiful and largest paddle hits, will be the good simple hiking.
– We will be on a trip and have a new camp almost every day.
– We are together and have a community over several days.
– Exciting elements; the ocean, crosses, waves and mountains.
– Bathing in the midnight sun.
– As of all years, we have of course, this year grilling and the bonfire on the beach in the evenings.

Since there is limited tent pitches where we are going to have this year’s trip, it means that we have had to put a ceiling on the maximum number of participants this year on 30 pcs.

bonfires represents the unity! This was also Ann Eva Storm’s great vision and mission with the STORMGJENGEN that she established in 2005.

Everyone contributes with a cube, and together we get it warm – a warmth that we can all enjoy in the community, in the moments, in the conversations, in the experiences, in the joys and in the sorrows…

In other words; this will be an MSE for a medium-sized offshore group.

Medium to offshore means that you master exposed waters, are safe at sea, and that you have the capacity to paddle a certain stretch. You have the time ahead for the summer’s meeting to test out. Be out on the sea, challenge yourself and get wind in your hair. Get in the paddle shape!

We are going on a trip, and the kayak will be packed to be out in camp for a long weekend. It is then wise to practice packing in the boat. Good tips and package list will come

What is nice is that there is still plenty of time to undo themselves up until the summer by being on wide open stretch, exposed waters, waves and wind in the hair.

To pack the kayak for a long weekend, be something to practice, plan, what and where to put things in the boat for the most optimal stability.

We who work on this make this voluntary, and we spend our free time to create this weekend for an experience for those who want to be with us ..

Greetings Board.

More info will come out soon. keep up with …